Secure MIL-STD TEMPEST 4-Port KVM Switch

HSL’s 4-Port Ruggedized Secure KVM Switch, is designed to provide military users with superior security in the most challenging environmental conditions. It’s designed to be installed on a military vehicles, submarines and airborne platforms. For easier mounting and better situational awareness, the SK41D-4TR is optionally equipped with a remote control that can be mounted on the operator dashboard.

KVM device models addressed in this page:

  • SK41D-4TR– Secure MIL-STD TEMPEST 4-Port HDMI KVM Switch
  • WR40-4R – WR40-4R Remote Control for SK41D-4TR Secure KVM


Ruggedized to meet the Most Difficult Conditions
The SK41D-4TR device designed for MILSTD harsh environmental requirements. It features robust sealed aluminum enclosure, all metallic MIL-DTL-38999 connectors and sealed front panel illuminated push-buttons.

Tempest level I compliant & NIAP Common Criteria PP4.0 Compliant
The SK41D-4TR is the only KVM switch in the world that is NIAP PP 4.0 Compliant, Tempest level I compliant, Mil-STD 810G Compliant and MIL-STD-1275A compliant.

Versatile Interfaces
Product supports up to four computers/video sources with HDMI or DVI interfaces. Video sources supported ranging from 480p legacy to 1920×1200@60Hz, 2560×1600@60Hz and 3840×2160@30HZ (4K30) resolutions.

Unidirectional optical data diodes
HSL products provides the highest level of isolation between connected computers or sources. The SK41D-4TR KVM is equipped with four patented Unidirectional optical data diodes to prevent potential APT on the KVM from the host and from connected peripherals. No reverse data flow possible by design. Designed to support isolation between national security networks and internet.

Hardware Based peripheral protection/isolation
The SK41D-4TR security functions depend on physics. Absolutely no dependency on firmware or software. All firmware is in protected ROM (Read Only Memory). No keyboard buffering or memory. Peripheral devices can be defined through configurable white-list and black-list.

Display Plug & Play (DDC) protection
HSL patented EDID protection is the most secure video protection method in the market today. Leakage prevention through emulation technology. Signaling attacks prevented by design.

Always-on Active Anti-tampering
Enclosure tampering attempt can be sensed by multiple sensors. Battery powered anti-tampering circuitry prevents normal KVM operation.

Protected Power Input
The KVM is powered directly from 12-28VDC power vehicle bus and is fully compliant with MIL-STD-1275A.





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