Secure MIL-STD TEMPEST 4-Port KVM Switch

The SK41D-4TR, HSL’s 4-Port HDMI Rugged secure KVM Switch, provides military users with superior security under the most challenging environmental conditions. The SK41D-4TR is the only KVM switch in the world that is both NIAP PP 4.0 certified and is Tempest level I compliant. It designed to be installed on military vehicles, marine vessels and airborne platforms. For easier mounting and better situational awareness, the SK41D-4TR is optionally equipped with a remote control that can be mounted on the operator dashboard.

KVM device models addressed in this page:

  • SK41D-4TR – Secure MIL-STD TEMPEST 4-Port HDMI KVM Switch
  • WR40-4TR – WR40-4TR Remote Control for SK41D-4TR Secure KVM



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