Secure Galvanic Isolators

The Galvanic Isolators Product Family is designed for both Medical and Defence applications. HSL’s isolators family prevents vulnerable peripherals from mediating between compromised and secure computers. The Galvanic Isolators product family is adding another layer of security through complete galvanic isolation of DC and ground currents between two pieces of equipment.

Galvanic isolation and the use of a medical grade PSU ensures compliance with different medical standards, allowing its use in a wide set of medical applications.

Accessories: It is possible to use the Isolators together with the following accessories:

    • RK-4U-HKS-10 – RackMount KIT 4U – The RK−4U−HKS−10 enables mounting up to 10 Isolators in a 19″ 4U rack space.
    • Power Distribution Unit for Isolators – PDUI– Connectimultiple Isolators (and other HSL 12V-powered devices) to computers in a rack without needing additional external power supply outlets.


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