Command & Control



Command & control scenarios demand users simultaneous multi-display/multi-source interaction. HSL offers flexible solutions for these high-density environments, including space-limited adaptations for mobile command & control vehicles.




Command & control environments, such as air traffic control, electricity, gas and energy companies and smart building systems’ monitoring are complex environments requiring deep concentration. The users are required to monitor simultaneously multi-displays and interact with multiple sources. Such high density environments benefit from moving computer equipment to secure environmentally controlled areas, leaving the working area as free as possible.

Mobile command and control environments, such as police cars, require the same solutions fit for limited space conditions.



Use Cases:

Operators work simultaneously with multiple displays connected to multiple computers from different security levels.Their intensive work environment requires them to constantly monitor screens and integrate information from multiple sources in real-time.

Immediate benefit can be achieved from having a work environment as clear as possible from irrelevant distractions. Usability is further leveraged with the ability to seamlessly switch control between sources with the ease of moving their mouse cursor over display borders.




HSL command and control solutions offer user-friendly products solving system complexities, using small form factor devices and offering maximum reliability and usability.

HSL KM switches range from 4-port desktop form factor devices to 8-port devices designed for rack-mounting in server rooms and supporting as many as 32 displays.

For mobile command and control we offer sophisticated KVM Combiners with advanced viewing and scaling options, which conveniently show 4 screens on a single display.



Related Products:

HSL KM switches provide secure assignment of multiple sources to multiple displays.
The 8-port KM switch supports up to 32 displays and is built for rack mounting in server rooms for high density environments. Easy navigation is provided with the HSL VDT (Virtual Desktop Technology) that switches control as mouse crosses display borders.

HSL Combiners integrate up to 4 isolated sources into one or two combined display/s improving usability and situational awareness. Each source can be scaled down to Tile or Scale mode, in real time, without quality loss or latency.



Key Benefits

  • Highly compatible with command & control market requirements, such as multi-display support, limited space in mobile command & control and more
  • Flexibility: easily removable and re-locatable products
  • Fast installation time, plug & play operation
  • Market-unique technologies such as VDT and Combiner viewing and scaling options
  • Superb quality and reliability
  • Green, Small form factor products, efficient power consumption
  • High security features including:
    o   EAL4+ certification
    o   hardware-based optical data diodes isolation, no dependency on software
    o    Active anti tampering system with over 10 year operation cycle



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