When you need to interact with several computers at the same time, typical KVM switches are limiting. Why? Because they only let you view and work on a single computer at a time.
HSL’s Combiner switch provides you with the flexibility to interact with multiple computers, while letting you:

  • View all computers on one or two displays. It functions as a KVM switch, a scaler, and a multi-viewer – all in one.
  • Move the mouse and keyboard freely between all computers.

It also saves you money, by eliminating the need to purchase and install dedicated, per-computer peripheral sets.

Secure by design
The Combiner’s most important feature is security, HSL’s expertise. Due to its unidirectional architecture, it maintains complete isolation while switching between vulnerable, untrusted, or unauthorized multiple computers and peripherals – preventing data leakage. It blocks threats such as: peripheral exploits, information leaks, eavesdropping, signal transmission, computer malware, hardware, and firmware tampering.

The Combiner switches meet the security requirements demanded by government agencies, military installations, financial institutions, and similar security-sensitive users.

View and control multiple computers simultaneously
With a single Combiner, you can view and control up to four computers at the same time. Cascading Combiners, increases the number up to 16 (4×4) computers on a single or dual display.

Common Criteria EAL4+ Certification
HighSecLabs is proud to be awarded with Common Criteria EAL4+ Certification for its 8 and 16 ports KVM Combiners models TC82PHG-3T (8 ports) and TC162PHG-3T (16 ports).
View the certificate document on the FMV Official site.
Or download it here.


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