About The Company

High Sec Labs (HSL) develops high-quality, cyber-defense solutions in the field of network and peripheral isolation.

The company, headquartered in Caesarea Industry and Business Park, Israel, was founded in 2008 and has a second manufacturing site in the United States.

High Sec Lab’s roots are deeply embedded in the defense industry developing cyber protection solutions for submarines and aircraft. Among its customers are some of the world’s leading governments and defense organizations as well as commercial companies such as banks, healthcare providers, and national infrastructure companies. 

Highest Security Compliance

The company’s products are designed to provide the maximum computer and peripheral isolation as demanded by government agencies, military, financial institutions, and similar security-sensitive customers. HSL’s products are built to comply with the highest security standards, including EAL4+ security requirements and the latest National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Protection Profile PSS Ver 3.0 PSS or PSD Ver 4.0 requirements for peripheral sharing switch devices.

Secure Segregation Solutions

HSL’s patented secure segregation solutions include a variety of peripheral sharing switch devices such as KMs, KVMs, and Matrix devices. These enable users to share peripherals between computers that belong to different security classification levels while protecting against data leakage and malicious attacks through shared USB, keyboard, mouse, video, and audio peripherals.

HSL designs next-step technologies for protecting national security assets, infrastructures, and critical IT resources from cyber-attacks. Our mission is to provide user-friendly, easy-to-learn solutions, even for the most demanding, intensive, and complex environments.

Our motto is:
“To win the war without a fight – is the greatest victory” 

[Sun Tzu, 500BC].

Our flagship values include:

    • Innovation / Out-of-the-box thinking
    • High quality
    • Top security
    • User-centered design

High Sec Labs is a privately owned Israeli – American Company focusing on cyber security solutions to the most critical and secure organizations worldwide. 

Among our customers are some of the most cyber sensitive organizations such as: Government, Defense, Intelligence Agencies, National Infrastructure and Finance.

High Sec Labs employees world wide are among the best in RD, Logistic and Manufacturing, creating a powerful team dedicated to understand and solve our customer’s challenges.

The Challenge
Consistent exponential growth in cyber-attacks and highly funded hackers present a constant threat to companies’ classified data, intellectual property, and critical infrastructures. While substantial resources are invested in network security and data isolation, the end-user’s desktop is still highly vulnerable to security breaches and the existing solutions are high cost and clumsy.

The HSL Solution
HSL is dedicated to offering intelligent, secure solutions for the desktop, designed to isolate networks while still offering an easy and flexible work environment.  Products, sold under the HSL brand or under OEM agreements, are designed with a strong emphasis on user-friendly, intuitive interfaces, compliance with harshest security standards, cost-effectiveness, and a small footprint.

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