Audio Diode – with Speaker/Headphone and Microphone Control/USB Control

High Sec Lab’s Audio Diode mitigates the risks of eavesdropping when using peripheral audio devices by forcing unidirectional audio flow.

The Threat of Using Audio Peripherals
Attackers can take control of an audio device to:

  • Listen in to classified or sensitive conversations in secure rooms.
  • Transfer data from secure to unsecured networks

The new HSL Audio Diode family of products connects between a source (a PC usually) and an audio device (speaker/ headphone or microphone). The Audio Diode prevents attackers from exploiting audio-data leakage.

Unidirectional Flow
The Audio Diode functions as a diode that forces audio signals from a PC to be unidirectional. This prevents hackers from manipulating a speaker/headphone to function as a microphone, for picking up surrounding conversations. On some models, a microphone is also enabled.
NOTE: When a microphone is enabled, it does not change the unidirectional flow restriction on the product in any way. Also, the microphone is only enabled via the push- button control.

Low-Pass Filter
All sounds passing through the Audio Diode go through a low-pass filter that restricts the audio frequencies to the range compatible with the human ear. This prevents hackers from attacking by broadcasting high-frequency signals to an external hacking device.


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