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HSL Secure Mini Video Isolators

Amit Iluz from HighSecLabs Israel, showing the new HSL Secure Mini Video Isolators from our booth in ISE Barcelona 2024.

HSL Secure Multi-Domain Smart-Card Reader (MDR)

Corey Morelli from HighSecLabs USA, showing the HSL Secure Multi-Domain Smart-Card Reader (MDR) from our booth in ISE Barcelona 2024.

HSL Secure KM Solution Explainer Video

Keyboard Mouse (KM) switch offered by HSL allows interacting with multiple computers in real-time while maintaining the highest isolation between computers and peripherals.

Defend Your A/V System from Cyber Attacks Webinar

HDBaseT Extended Webinar Presented by HighSecLabs

High Sec Labs Secure Desktop Solutions

Secure Desktop Solution by High Sec Labs. A complete solution for the user’s desktop in a secure organization.

HSL KVM Combiners

HSL’s KVM Combiner are the perfect combination of a KVM Switch, Multi-viewer and a scaler, and allows users to easily interact with multiple computers simultaneously.

Security Solution for VOIP Phones Protection

The Secure VoIP Implant is designed to mitigate eavesdropping and prevent a remote attacker from exploiting the phone to listen to surrounding classified conversations.

Secure KVM Mini-Matrix Explainer Video

The Mini-Matrix allows the user to work on and interact with two of the 4 connected computers simultaneously.

USB-C Bump Cable Introduction

High Sec Labs USB C KVM cables are designed to connect USB-C devices to HSL’s KVM Switches.

Combiner – Control Center

High Sec Labs is a cyber secure KVM and video management systems for command and control, NOC, and work stations, meeting rooms, video walls and other multimedia installment.

1U Isolators Rack Kit

HSL’s KVM Isolator mounting Solutions For Secure Crowded Installations.

Audio Diodes Explainer Video

High Sec Lab’s Audio Diode mitigates the risks of eavesdropping when using peripheral audio devices by forcing unidirectional audio flow.

HSL copy & paste feature

Copy and paste from one computer to another.

Auxiliary Front Panel – AFP

The small, attachable Auxiliary Front Panel (AFP) is providing direct control of the KVM – right from your desktop or monitor.

Executive office solution

Securing an executive office which functions at times as a meeting room with multiple sources with HSL’s mini-matrix.

HSL Babylon Encrypted Phone

High Sec Labs Babylon Encrypted Phone for Top-Secret Isolation Introduction Video