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Government IT is extremely attractive for data theft & system attacks resulting in significant costs to repair loss of state secrets and military data. HSL solutions are designed to support government agencies in terms of technology, security & regulatory compliance.




Government IT is an extremely attractive target for data theft, system attacks, and service disruption.

The costs and implications of loss of state secrets, military data, or classified documents and the cost of repair of systems after these attacks is significant.

The challenge is to provide a comprehensible work environment for Federal desktop users that is both compliant with harshest security standards and user-friendly.



Use Cases: 

Secure Federal desktops are exposed to many threats through connected peripherals – audio headsets, webcams and displays, to name a few. The co-existence of networks of mixed security levels in organizations, for example networks open to the Internet side by side with high security networks, is another potential doorway for security breaches and data leakage.

HSL secure products portfolio is aimed at securely bridging over different security level networks in a way that is transparent to the user and ultimately safe. Unique products, such as headphone diode, make sure that data packet transfers are only in one direction thus preventing sophisticated eavesdropping and hacking. An additional level of security is provided by HSL authentication solutions including multi domain smart card readers.




HSL solutions are designed to support government agencies in terms of technology, security and regulatory compliance. HSL main line of products is designed to provide solutions that overcome cybersecurity threats at the desktop level.

HSL solutions enable Federal desktop users to access and switch between various sources without compromising security nor user convenience and situational awareness.



Related Products:

HSL KVM switches are commonly used by users in secure organizations to reduce desktop clutter and increase productivity. This, by allowing the user to share his peripherals – keyboard, mouse and monitor – between different computers.

HSL Headphone Diode provides patented technology that guarantees unidirectional data flow from source to peripheral only, thus assuring protection from eavesdropping and data leakage.

HSL MDR (multi domain smartcard reader) is an innovative, market-unique product that enables the use of one smart card to login to multiple computers simultaneously.

HSL Fiber Optic Extenders ensure interruption-free, point-to-point transmission of HD/UHD, DVI, IR, Serial, Ethernet, USB and Audio signals over distances as far as 1 km.



Key Benefits

  • Rich portfolio assuring single-solution deployment enterprise-wide
  • Flexibility: easily removable and re-locatable products
  • Fast installation time, plug & play operation
  • Market-unique technologies such as audio headphone diodes and multi domain smart card readers.
  • Superb quality and reliability
  • Green, Small form factor products, efficient power consumption
  • High security features including:
    o   EAL4+ certification
    o   Hardware-based optical data diodes isolation, no dependency on software
    o   Active anti tampering system with over 10 year operation cycle



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