Secure Meeting Rooms



Meeting rooms often host a mix of corporate-owned & guest devices. Sharing computer peripherals between all meeting participants might impose a security threat as most peripherals have no security mechanisms and are therefore vulnerable to malicious attacks.




Peripherals such as keyboard, video, mouse and audio devices are commonly found and shared between the computers of all meeting room participants.
Meeting participant computers that connect to a Matrix might impose a security threat to all computers and networks that share the same Matrix.
Often during multi-participant meetings more than one person is required to present information from his computer at the same time.



The Risk:

Most computer peripherals have no security mechanisms what so ever (anti-virus, firewall, user permissions…etc.) and are therefore vulnerable to malicious attacks.
Shared peripherals can be used to breach the gap between secluded networks.
Peripherals and peripheral sharing devices which are shared between multiple computers impose a security threat as hackers target them in attempt to abuse and penetrate secluded computer environments.
Peripheral sharing is unsecure unless achieved through a Protection Profile 3.0 (PP3.0) certified device.




HSL’s patented secure segregation solutions include a variety of peripheral sharing devices (KVM, KM, Mini-Matrix, Combiner, Isolator) that enhance user productivity in challenging multi-computer environments while maintaining the highest isolation between computers and peripherals.
Prevent compromised peripherals from infecting computers.
Protect against leakage and malicious attacks through shared Keyboard, Video, Mouse, USB and Audio devices.
Isolate computers in meeting/control rooms from vulnerable peripherals that are shared between multiple computers.
Isolate computers from display solutions that combine multiple sources into a single display.
Protect classified computers in matrix-environments from shared-peripheral-threats originating from guest laptops or internet-access computers that connect to the same matrix.



Key Benefits

  • Securely share peripherals across different security domains: Securely share peripherals between computers that belong to different security classification levels while keeping the highest possible data separation security.
  • Prevent information leaks: Obstacle threats derived from sharing and switching of vulnerable, untrusted or unauthorized peripheral devices. Block peripheral exploits, information leaks, eavesdropping, signal transmission, computer malware, hardware and firmware tampering by enforcing multilayered security mechanisms.
  • Smoothly switch between computers: (Virtual Display Technology) Automatically switch control from one computer to another by dragging the mouse cursor over the computer’s display border. Peripherals switch to the next computer without having to press any buttons once the mouse is passing the display border.
  • View applications in Ultra High: Definition (UHD) 4K video quality. Never compromise on video quality. Run graphic-intensive, ultrahigh definition applications on all Mini-Matrix models.



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