The Mini-Matrix KVM switch offered by HSL provides increased productivity in challenging multi-computer environments where users are required to view and interact with several computers while maintaining the highest isolation between computers and peripherals.

Obviate the need for purchasing and installing dedicated, per-computer peripheral sets.

Securely share peripherals across different security domains
Securely share peripherals between computers that belong to different security classifications levels while keeping the highest possible data separation security.

Prevent information leaks
Obstacle threats derived from sharing and switching of vulnerable, untrusted or unauthorized peripheral devices. Block peripheral exploits, information leaks, eavesdropping, signal transmission, computer malware, hardware and firmware tampering by enforcing multilayered security mechanisms.

The ideal KVM switch for meeting rooms and control centers
Best suites scenarios where one or more computers have to be presented at the same time on multiple displays. For example:
— In control centers where information from several sources has to be constantly displayed in real-time.
— In meeting rooms where both visitor and host computers are to be viewed and controlled simultaneously.

Filter USB Peripherals
Block unauthorized USB devices while allowing secure switching of smart card and biometric authentication devices between computers. Whitelist and blacklist specific USB devices based on VID/PID characteristics.

To download the Mini-Matrix Loading Tool Admin Manual click here
To download the Mini-Matrix Loading Tool and Driver click here
To download the KVM Remote RS-232 Control Quick Setup Guide clik here

  • Optimize user experience when working with multiple computers. View and control two out-of-four computers at the same time whilst securely sharing keyboard, video, mouse, audio and USB devices.
  • Independently switch the Video/USB/Audio/Keyboard & Mouse ports between computers:
    Use the front-panel push buttons to independently switch the Video/USB/Audio/Keyboard & Mouse ports between the primary and secondary computers. Useful for various scenarios, for instance:
    • When a USB smart card reader must remain mapped to a certain computer while the keyboard, video, mouse and audio are switched to another computer.
    • When a user has to listen to audio originating from one computer while
    working on another computer.
  • Smoothly switch between computers (Virtual Display Technology):
    Automatically switch control from one computer to another by dragging the mouse cursor over the computer’s display border. Peripherals switch to the next computer without hav‌ing to press any buttons once the mouse is passing the display border.
  • View applications in Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K video quality:
    Never compromise on video quality. Run graphic-intensive, ultrahigh definition applications on all Mini-Matrix models.
  • Avoid typing mistakes:
    Since two-way communication is blocked by the Mini-Matrix security, keyboard lock LEDs do not function. Help users avoid typing mistakes by visually indicating the status of keyboard locks (CAPS-LOCK | NUM LOCK | SCROLL LOCK) on the product’s front facing panel.
  • Work simultaneously on two computers, view the screens of four computers:
    Connect up to four computers and two displays to the Mini-Matrix. Select which computer to present on each of the two attached displays.
    Displays can be positioned in various layouts (Horizontal / Vertical / Custom). Duplicate the screen of any computer by presenting it on both Mini-Matrix displays at the same time. Extend the screen of any computer to an additional 3rd and 4th external displays.


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