R&D Services

R&D Services

HSL offers consultancy and custom product services for customers, including accelerated development cycles:

  • Product architecture and specification development
  • Electronic design specialized in high performance embedded platforms
  • Design miniaturization
  • High performance board design
  • Software design, coding and testing including embedded OSs 
  • Centralized management systems for desktop/ tactical platforms
  • X86 platforms design
  • Chip and FPGA design, video processing, DSP
  • Precision optical designs, lasers, fiber optics
  • Crypto, filters, diodes and anti-tampering modules
  • Prototyping with full in-house electronic and mechanics assembly
  • Design for manufacturing and testing
  • Small to mid-volume production

Security Testing Services

  • Security evaluation can be done on planned or developed system as well as on purchased equipment off-the shelf (COTS). As part of our services, we can ruggedize COTS equipment such as desktops, laptops and PDAs per customer security requirements and design. Note: Certain services and testing procedures may require government export approvals.

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