Secure Data Isolators

The Secure RS232 Isolators are capable of receiving an RS232 command from any connected device and sending it unidirectionally forward to its destination device while ensuring there is no returning signals from the destination to the original device.

The FF11N-4 and FT11N-4 are especially designed to protect any scenario where command and monitoring information is sent between two otherwise separated networks. SCADA, System synchronization, Control commands and information sharing can all be securely done via HSL’s RS232 isolator family.

The RS-232 Data Diode allows one-way data flow from the serial port of one computer system to the serial port of another. Using HSL secure unidirectional data diode it is possible to send control and monitoring commands and status events between two secure devices. Control different devices having different classification level using a central control system securely by using HSL’s RS232 diode. The configurable RS232 data diode allows to create rules, using regular expression, to filter the information passed and limit the type of events and commands.


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