Secure RS-232 Isolators

The Secure RS-232 Isolators receive an RS-232 command from any connected device and send it unidirectionally forward to its destination device while ensuring there is no return signal from the destination to the originating device.

The FF11N-4 and FT11N-4 are especially suited to protect in any scenario where command and monitoring information is sent between two otherwise separated networks. SCADA, System synchronization, control commands and information sharing can all be securely done via the Secure RS-232 Isolator family.

The Secure RS-232 Isolator permits one-way data flow from the serial port of one computer system to the serial port of another. Using the Secure RS-232 Isolator, control and monitoring commands and status events can be sent between two secure devices. Controlling different devices of different classification levels  using a central control system is accomplished securely by using HSL’s Secure RS-232 Isolator. The configurable Secure RS-232 Isolator permits the creation of  rules, using regular expressions, to filter the information passed and to limit the type of events and commands that can pass through the isolator.


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