Secure Mini Video Isolators

The Secure Mini Video Isolator prevents vulnerable peripherals from transferring data between compromised and secure computers and devices. The Secure Mini Video Isolator  provides the highest possible computer & peripheral isolation as demanded by government agencies, the military, financial and healthcare institutions, and other security-conscious customers. Key features:

  • 4 pre-defined EDID files, up to 4K 30HZ support
  • Small, easy to use form factor for easy installation
  • No external power supply required

The Isolator perfectly suits scenarios where vulnerable peripherals or computers may impose a security threat. For example, in a secure meeting room, when an unsupervised (non-secure) guest laptop must be connected to a projector that is shared with a classified computer. By isolating the classified computer from the projector, the Secure Mini Video Isolator protects the classified computer from being infected by a guest computer compromising a projector vulnerability. The Secure Mini Video Isolator isolates the EDID lines by allowing the user to select between four, pre-defined, EDID files thereby preventing any direct connection between the display to the computer. Other bi-directional video lines, such as HDCP, are terminated and will not work.


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