Auxiliary Front Panel - AFP

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AFP models addressed in this page:

  • WR40-3 - 4-Port Remote Auxiliary Front Panel.
  • WR80-3 - 8-Port Remote Auxiliary Front Panel.


In demanding environments KVM users needs to control their KVM switches remotely. Now, with a simple dedicated device designed especially as a KVM accessory, it is possible to control and gain situational awareness when using HSL KVM switches.

HSL AFP provides several benefits to users of HSL’s KVM switches: 

  • Easy channel switching 
  • Improved situational awareness 
  • Designed for both Desktop or display mounting 
  • Increase or decrease light intensity for changes of ambient light. 
  • Simple to use and Install 

HSL’s AFP communicate via standard RS232 protocol allowing easy and intuitive installation and control. 

The push buttons on the AFP are combined with LED light for channel indicator, the LED power can be dim and adjust to the user’s invariant and comfort.

Model Description CPN
WR40-3 HSL AFP 4P fixed colors CPN14840
WR80-3 HSL AFP 8P fixed colors CPN14839
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