Keyboard Mouse (KM) switch offered by HSL allows interacting with multiple computers in real-time while maintaining the highest isolation between computers and peripherals. Directly connect separate display(s) to each computer and share keyboard, mouse, audio and USB devices through the KM.

Obviate the need for purchasing and installing dedicated, per-computer peripheral sets.

Copy & Paste

Transfer text and files between all the computers that are connected to the KVM through the KVM (no network connection is needed between parties). Use standard copy and paste keyboard key combinations (CTRL+C / CTRL+V) or mouse context-menu commands to transfer data between computers that are connected to the KVM (Text & Files: SM40NU-N, SM80NU-N; Text Only: SM20N-N).

Control multi-monitor computers

Support multi-monitor computers with up to 4 displays per computer in duplicate or extended modes (Requires driver installation, currently available only for Windows).

  • Interact with multiple isolated computers using a single set of keyboard, mouse, audio and USB peripherals.
  • Freeze USB:
    Assign the USB port to a specific computer while switching the keyboard, video, mouse and audio between other computers. Useful for various scenarios, for instance, when a USB smart card reader must remain mapped to a certain computer.
  • Smoothly switch between computers (Virtual Display Technology):
    Automatically switch control from one computer to another by dragging the mouse cursor over the computer’s display border. Peripherals switch to the next computer without hav‌ing to press any buttons once the mouse is passing the display border.


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