Secure Meeting Rooms

Brief: Meeting rooms host a mix of corporate-owned & guest devices posing threats on corporate security.HSL innovative portfolio provides a wealth of options for tailored solutions for secure meeting rooms, conferencing, digital signage & manager presentation environments.

Meeting rooms commonly host a mix of corporate-owned and guest devices. This poses a challenge to corporate security integrating varying security levels and protecting organizational data and sources. 

Additionally, rising popularity of 4K UHD displays raises the need for high quality extension solutions distancing video source from display area. The challenge is to transmit high quality signals over long distances in a way that is transparent to the viewer.

Use Cases:
Meeting room projectors may be connected to secure corporate sources and at the same time to unsupervised guest laptops.

Meeting room video matrix may combine access to classified sources as well as open Internet and TV content.

Secure Manager offices may include multiple computers from differing security levels that can be presented on desktop monitors and large screens. 

HSL innovative portfolio provides a wealth of options for solutions tailored for secure meeting rooms, conferencing, and digital signage/manager presentation environments.

Mini Matrix KVMs, Extenders, Isolators and Headphone Diodes comprise a perfect solution for such graphics intensive, high-density installations. 
HSL secure solutions enable users to simultaneously monitor and control multiple sources displayed on desktops and large screens easily and without breaching corporate security.

Related Products:
HSL Mini Matrix switches enable modular yet secure control of which source will be projected on which of display, including duplicate mode. Easy navigation is provided with the ease of moving the mouse cursor across display borders with the HSL VDT (Virtual Desktop Technology).

HSL Headphone Diodes and Isolators patented technologies guarantee unidirectional data flow from source to peripheral only assuring protection from eavesdropping. 

HSL Fiber Optic Extenders enable interruption-free transmission of HD/UHD, DVI, IR, Serial, Ethernet, USB and Audio signals over distance of up to 1 km.

Key Benefits

  • Rich portfolio assuring single-solution deployment enterprise-wide
  • Flexibility: easily removable and re-locatable products
  • Fast installation time, plug & play operation
  • Market-unique technologies such as 4K UHD video support
  • Superb quality and reliability
  • Green, Small form factor products, efficient power consumption
  • High security features including:
    o   EAL4+ certification
    o   hardware-based optical data diodes isolation, no dependency on software
    o   Active anti tampering system with over 10 year operation cycle
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