K424F Secure KVM Combiner: 4-Port, Dual-Display, DVI-D Video.

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The K424F is a secure 4-port, dual-head DVI-D KVM Combiner.

K424F allows secure, simultaneous work and interaction with up to four computers. It is an essential tool for heavy-duty users challenged by frequent switching between isolated networks.

The uniqueness of the K424F lies in the fact it integrates up to 4 isolated sources into two combined displays, thus improving usability and situational awareness. It enables a comfortable, simultaneous interaction with multiple computers at different security levels on two large displays.

HSL advanced video technology allows the user to fit up to four full HD sources on two HD displays by real-time scaling without quality loss or latency. This is the only product in the market today that is designed for environments in which the user constantly works with or monitors multiple channels simultaneously.

K424F is equipped with an RDC port enabling user-friendly, comfortable remote control of the KVM switch.

Security is further leveraged by the inclusion of a USB user authentication port (DPP) that enables connecting a Biometric or Smart Card Reader, requiring the insertion of a physical authentication card or identification of a fingerprint to access the various computers/networks.

The products are fully compatible with EAL4+ and NIAP security requirements

System Diagram

  •  Dual DVI-D display support:
    dual display combiner supports two DVI-D displays and is the ideal setup for high-end users. When the dual display model is used in Scale mode, the active channel will be displayed on the main display while the other three channels will be scaled and displayed on the secondary display 

  • Heavy-duty user convenience:
    work constantly and monitor multiple channels; no switching of channels required

  • Advanced viewing technology:
    view in real-time up to four networks simultaneously through a pixel-by-pixel video image; no quality loss, latency, reduced colors, dropped frames or artifacts

  • Advanced scaling function:
    allowing user scaling of video source x 1/2 and x 1/4 to assureoptimized monitoring and working experience

  • Biometric/Smart-Card reader support:
    special secured port (DPP) for smart-card/biometric reader with patented Freeze function to support user authentication across multiple isolated networks

  • Future-proof:
    supports latest keyboards, mice and all Operating Systems

  • Highest security by design:
    Common Criteria EAL 4+ approved, compatible with NIAP security requirements

  • Hardware-based peripherals isolation:
    no dependency on firmware or software; all firmware on ROM (Read Only Memory); no keyboard buffering or memory

  • Unidirectional Optical Data Diodes:
    assuring USB peripherals isolation; data can flow from devices to host only

  • Peripherals Security:
    full USB device filtering to assure support for keyboard and mouse only

  • Active anti tampering system:
    always-on with 10 years battery; holographic tampering evident labels   

K424F Secure KVM Combiner: 4-Port, Dual-Display, DVI-D Video

No. of Computers


Console Mouse and Keyboard Ports

USB Type A female connector or PS/2 Mini-DIN 6 pin female connector (1 each)

Console Display Ports

2 DVI-D single-link female connector


Up to 1920x1200

Console Audio Jack

3.5mm Female

Console CAC Input

USB Type A

Computer Display Ports

1 DVI-D single-link female connector.

Computer Audio Jack

3.5mm Female

Computer Keyboard/Mouse Ports

USB Type B

Computer CAC Ports

USB Type B


320 (W) x 130 (D) x 65 (H) mm / 12.8 (W) x 5.2 (D) x 2.6 (H) inch


 1.9 Kg. (3.5 lbs.)

Power Requirements

12V DC, 5A (max) power adapter with center-pin-positive polarity

AC Input

100 to 240VAC

Power Type


Operating Temperature

32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)

Storage Temperature

-4° to 140° F (-20° to 60° C)


0-80% RH, non-condensing

Security Accreditation

Common Criteria EAL 4+ ALC_FLR.3

Warranty, reliability

  • Product life-cycle 10 years
  • Warranty 2 Years 
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KVM Combiner Switches Quick Start Guide

KVM Combiner Switches Quick Start Guide

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K424F - 4 Port High Security Dual-display KVM Combiner with scaling, USB PS/2 keyboard and mouse, DVI-D single-link video, Audio out, USB user authentication port, Active anti-tampering, Remote Desktop Controller port, and Laser mouse included   


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