HSL's Social Distance Monitoring Device. See how it works: https://youtu.be/O969mg30QZQ



Seamless, high-speed copying from one PC to another.



Securely access multiple domains using a single smart card

About HSL
HighSecLabs (HSL) develops customized technological solutions addressing functional and cyber-security needs for various verticals, such as government, military, command & control, finance, and healthcare - to name a few.

The company's extensive research and development expertise position it to provide uniquely tailored R&D services to leading vendors in the field. HSL designs are always both user-friendly and compliant with harshest security and quality standards.
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Our core values:
We specialize in identifying companies' potential security and functional pain points to offer intelligent solutions.

Our core values:
- Innovation/Out-of-the-box thinking
- High quality
- Top security
- User-centered design
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