HSL Employee Corona Tag

The Need

  • Accurate system to enable epidemiologic contact tracking for employees on job site.
  • Smartphone applications are inefficient:
    • Employer cannot enforce installation, usage and data sharing.
    • Clear privacy violations. Unions would resist.
    • Negative effect on phone battery.
    • Not feasible for environments that do not allow mobile phones.
    • Inaccurate distance measurements.
  • Other Bluetooth tags are unusable.
  • Future method to protect critical government and business in the next rounds of pandemic (COVID19 or new threats).

Protecting the Employees Privacy

  • HSL Employee Corona Tag implementing a special scheme that provides the best protection for employees privacy.
  • The tag Bluetooth radio is only used to measure the distance to other tags. It does not pair, receive or transmit data to any other device.
  • The only time that data is being extracted is when authorized administrator uses special cable and software to extract events history from confirmed sick employee tag.
  • Tags only record other tag numbers, exposure time and distance. No location, names or other private data.
  • Information is kept only for the last two weeks.


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