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NIAP (NSA) PPSHID - Peripheral Sharing Switch (PSS) For Human Interface Devices Protection Profile version 2.1

This document serves as the basis for certification of Secure KVMs in North America. Derivatives of this Protection Profile are used by many certification bodies worldwide. This document demonstrates the new attitude of NIAP towards KVM - moving backwards from EAL-4 to EAL-2.

463 KB 16 Sep, 2014

U.S. Government Approved Protection Profile

Security Requirements for Network Devices Version 3.1- This Protection Profile (PP), describing security requirements for a Network Device (defined to be an infrastructure device that can be connected to a network). Examples for Network Devices covered under this Protection Profile are: routers, firewalls, IDSs, audit servers, and switches that have Layer 3 functionality.

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Common Criteria Part 3 - Security assurance components Version 3.1 Revision 3

Security assurance components, as defined in this document, are the basis for the security assurance requirements expressed in a Protection Profile (PP) or a Security Target (ST).

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