Office Extenders

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System Diagram


Extender models addressed in this diagram:

  • FKCE11PH-N - DP/HDMI Copper Extender KVM up to 100 meters 4K 60hz
  • FKFE11PH-N - DP/HDMI Fiber Extender KVM up to 10KM 4K 60Hz


System Diagram

Extender model addressed in this diagram:

  • FMCE11N-N - USB Copper Extender KM up to 100 meters
  • HDbaseT implementation for high quality and low latency video

  • FKCE11PH-N – 4K 30HZ 4:4:4 or 4K 60HZ 4:2:0 support over 100m

  • FKFE11PH-N – 4K 30HZ 4:4:4 or 4K 60HZ 4:2:0 support over 10KM of fiber extension

  • FMCE11N-N – High Speed USB extension for devices such as HID, MSD, Cameras, Audio and other USB devices

  • Unique DP\HDMI connector allowing the user to connect and HDMI source to a DP target and vice versa

  • RS232, IR and Audio extension built in for interoperability support

  • FKCE11PH-N and FMCE11N-N – support POE via TX power supply for easier installation on RX side

  • Wide screen support and adaptive EDID to achieve optimum performance and video quality

  • Easy rack mount Installation with the “RK-4U-HKS-10” – 4U Rack Mount KIT

  • Easy power delivery with HSL’s 12 and 24 ports, 12V and 48V power distributed units.